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The goal of the Center for Software Excellence (CESW) is to investigate radical approaches to help deliver high-performing and reliable software.

Modern software programs are massive, complex structures. As a result, software development is increasingly labor intensive. We believe the answer lies in good tools and processes. Good tools enable process changes and allow a large number of developers and testers to effectively work together.

We test our ideas by building tools and using them in product team environments. Our tools help programmers test code, find bugs, identify performance bottlenecks, and automatically optimize their programs. Our approach is built around shared infrastructures that enable us to build tools with few resources.

We assembled the CESW team from groups throughout who were considering the problems of software development. We try approaches that are riskier than could be attempted by a product group with a deadline to meet. We accept that not all our approaches will succeed.

Tools and processes built by members of our group are used by most product teams within to improve the reliability and performance of their software. We believe that our innovative approaches and tools are the keys to a new software generation.

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