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The Center uses various methods to isolate best practices for deployment in organizations.

  • Industry groups and consortia (IEEE, ACM, ISO, SEI, PMI, etc.) share many models, methods and templates.
  • The literature (journals, books, articles, etc.) frequently share specific and valuable experiences that can benefit other organizations.
  • Online resources (online support groups, electronic libraries, best practice repositories) are useful for filling in the "missing pieces" for improvement programs.
  • Trade shows, educational symposia, SPIN and other  local chapter sessions provide many "nuts and bolts" ideas which seed improvement initiatives.
  • Your organization has best practices that directly and profitably support your business.

These and other resources are used by the Center to...

  1. Proactively identify best practices which can be packaged to meet client needs.
  2. Validate and supplement best practices already in use or being proposed in client organizations.

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