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The Software
Stage Console - a simple 512 channel 2-scene preset light board with unlimited cue memory and auto timed cross fades. This software is designed for conventional theatrical lighting.
LJinDMX - This program receives live DMX and feeds it to Martin Light Jockey. You can use this software to hook any DMX console to Lighting. You can then use Light Jockey as an Offline Visualizer to simulate and mimic what your show will look like.
WidgetRec - Recieves DMX and displays the levels (live) for all 512 channels
ColorFusion - Controls multiple American DJ Color Fusion fixtures Sophisticated display of fixture status and automated scenes and effects.
DMXweb - Lighting Control Webserver that controls 512 channels of DMX lighting. Controls lighting over the Internet via HTTP. Use any Web browser to remote control your lights from anywhere over a network, local WIFI wireless or wired TCP/IP Ethernet. Works with cellphone browsers. Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux x86.


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